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The Empire Cartridges Story

  • By Andrew Bond

The Empire Cartridges Story

The one thing that frustrated the Bonds was how the current marketplace has become so complicated and confusing, with shooters becoming submerged in an overwhelming sea of products that leave them scratching their heads when it comes to purchasing their next box
of shotgun cartridges.

The Bonds sat down to dinner one night and began sharing their frustrations at the way the market had become and how no one was offering a solution. As avid shooters themselves this was not only affecting themselves but their friends and family too. Someone had to do something they agreed. We have to do something.

It was here that Empire Cartridges was born. Their goal, to create their own simplified condensed marketplace of products for people like them. A selection of high-quality cartridges customers could easily understand and make an informed decision when choosing the right cartridge for them.

The cartridge made by shooters, for shooters.

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