How to Order?

You must have an account to buy cartridges from us!

Current Police guidance states we need to have seen the original SGC of the before we can deliver cartridges purchased online or over the phone. To make sure we comply with this we have worked closely with Lancashire Police to put into place a simple system that involves us seeing the original certificate just once.


Ordering Cartridges Online

  1. Firstly open an online account by filling in all the details on the sign-up page of our website.
  1. You will  now be able to login and order cartridges but we cannot despatch them until we have seen the original SGC. To do this we ask you to send your SGC along with a declaration to “freepost EMPIRE”, (You can send it to us recorded delivery if you choose, just use the address on our contact page) the download link for the customer delcaration is in the welcome email we send to you upon registering your online account.


  1. We verify your SGC & keep a copy along with the declaration on file to be checked prior to dispatch of cartridges you order from us. Your account & therefore ability to purchase cartridges online will expire on the date specified on your SGC.
  1. Your account is activated, any cartridges you have already ordered from us will now be shipped! We will return your SGC recorded delivery within 2 working days of receipt.

    How to choose your Empire Cartirdges

    We manufacture & sell cartridges based on:

    • Gauge
    • Shot Type
    • Shot Weight
    • Wad Type
    • Shot Size

    You wont find pictures of pheasants or pigeons on our boxes just the imporant stuff, on this basis to buy cartridges (once your account is set up) simply navigate to the cartridges tab, choose your product variant, this is made up of Guage, Weight, Shot type & Wad Type then within that you can choose shot size (this does not affect the price) and click add to Cart. Once you have finished, hit the checkout button and we’ll get the cartridges dispatched straight away for you!

    If you are unsure  about which variant to go for  check out our page "Shooting our load(s)" for Empire's guide cartridge selection.