The rise of an Empire

Empire Cartridges was conceived as answer to the way shotgun cartridges are currently branded, marketed & sold by the established cartridge cartel manufacturers.

Frustrated with how a product that  should be a relatively simple range has become a complicated and confusing sea of products whose main differentiating factor is what is printed on the box! (Its not actually true that it costs more to print pictures of pheasants than pigeons on boxes)

Our tonic for this is simply a range of consistent, smooth high performing cartridges that are separated by shot weight &  size, with all our shot weights being available in all shot sizes (english sizes of course)

We currently only load 70mm Lead in 12 bore, this will eventually expand into the guages and non-toxic.

By Shooters

Empire Cartridges is owned & operated by a father & son team, we have both been shooting since our early teens and you name it we’ve shot it, english sporting at the local shoot at Ribble Bank, Olympic Trap at North Wales, ZZ at Invicta, wildfowling on the outmarsh, driven game & plenty of pigeons. 

For Shooters

The way we brand our cartridges means you have to know your number 5’s from your number 8’s & your sidelocks from your boxlocks. Our cartridges don’t have pictures of pigeons or pheasants on (you wouldn’t believe how much pheasants charge to use their likeness in print) we load cartridges,  you shoot them.

If you want to shoot 32gram 7s or 24gram 4s we’ve got you covered.


Only The Best

We spent a long time choosing the best combination of components to put in to our cartridges, below is a quick break down.

Case – 16mm Brass, Double density case wall (that’s why they are sooo shiny & sexy..) translucent red because no one likes searching for a green case in the long grass.

Primer – Cheddite CX2000, the industry gold standard and we aren't going to get better without making our own...

Powder – PB Clermont Double Base. The nitro glycerine in these powders mean they are super stable even at low temperature’s so you don’t need to warm them on the radiator to get maximum performance.

WAD – EnviroWAD Proudly made in the UK, these WADS at 18.8mm Diameter give excellent ballistics, if you don’t believe us have a look at their extremely informative website - http://www.envirowad.com/

Shot – 3% Antimony tower dropped lead shot. All sizes are true English sizes. Gold plated on request.

Packaging – UK Made by http://www.ultragraph.co.uk


An Empire For The People

Our long term goal for Empire Cartridges is to create a community of like-minded people who enjoy shooting and want a cartridge brand they can rely on to be consistently high performing and available! With your support we plan to reinvest in expanding our offering of smaller guage & non-toxic products whilst also brining more of the manufacturing back into the UK.